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"There be such diverse stories in the world, it would take a multitude of voices to speke them."
The Venerable Bede

"No direction but everywhere. Is everywhere a direction?"
The Master Calligrapher

night directions
for the lost

The Talking Songs of Brian Brett.

the saltspring collective
(Ramesh Meyers, Susheela Dawne, Brian Brett)

"ground breaking:"  - Victoria Times Colonist

It's a wonderful, wonky work. There's nothing like it in the world of the spoken word. A homage to variety, a nod to Kurt Weill, Philip Glass, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Celtic ballads, John Trudell, and Kenneth Rexroth doing jazz at the Nighthawk, with a bit of a rough edge and a latin/grunge punky flavour, spiced with a lot of irony and angst and celebrations.

      "Brian Brett manages to sing without actually singing in these aptly named "talking songs".  He's one-third of the Saltspring Collective, and his veteran poet's voice meshes perfectly with an eclectic mix of music ranging from Beat jazz and traditional folk to Celtic and Asian influences provided by Susheela Dawne and Ramesh Meyers.
     From jeremiads like "Neruda's Dead Flower" to the comic-jazz "Two Old ladies" and the hilarious poetic rant "May-yo", Brett is in top form, but it's nice to hear Dawne's voice used extensively as well.  Meyer's professional production makes this another CD that really shows what poetry and music can do together."

Vancouver Sun, November 22, 2003

The Poems (lyrics and mp3)

Fragments   sample
Evening Moves   sample
Neruda's Dead Flower   sample
Blue Heron Moon   sample
Single Crow in a Deadly Sky   sample
Another One in the Oven   sample
Two Old Ladies   sample
May-yo   sample
The Swimming Hole   sample
Bruja   sample
The Master Calligrapher School   sample
Praise of the Cheap Hotel   sample
When I Lie with the Dying Lamb   sample
Real Life (can you imagine it?)   sample

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